So I did make it to KaDeWe as I said. The students in the German class back at UMBC asked me to find a few different standard “American” foods.
KaDeWe stands for “Kaufhaus des Westens” or “Department Store of the West” roughly translated. Here is what I saw!

KaDeWe is colossal. Just to find the food section in the first place, I had to go all the way to the 6th floor (which would be called the 7th in the US). When I reached the landing, all I saw for what seemed like miles were little restaurants, each with its own specialized cuisine, weaved between grocery-store-style shelves with foods from all over the world. After wandering around for about half an hour, I finally found some American brands.

I was asked to look for:
Dr. Pepper
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
American Cheese
Jif Peanut Butter
Kraft Mac and Cheese
Sweet Potatoes

I found some of those things, as you can see here. I could not find Kraft mac and cheese or American cheese (although there were huge counters specifically for cheeses) or Heinz ketchup, though there was French’s yellow mustard.

I was VERY glad to find Reese’s, and I have to thank you guys for making me go there because I have been craving them pretty badly and you can’t find them normally in Germany. I ended up paying about $14 US for one bag of minis (yes, you may call me desperate). My host brother also loves them but rarely gets to have any, so I stacked some in his room as a surprise. He really appreciated them!

It’s also worth it to mention that you can find Dr Pepper in a normal grocery store, as well as sweet potatoes in some. You might have to go to a Bio store (health/organic foods) to find sweet potatoes, but they’re pretty accessible in Berlin.

I was surprised to find ranch dressing. I have not seen that since I flew out. They do have thousand island dressing here, but it’s called “American Dressing.” I was also pretty surprised to see any form of Campbell’s soups. And, they have so many flavors of pop tarts in KaDeWe! I don’t think I’ve seen most of these in America. They also have Big Red soda, which I’ve had only once because it doesn’t exist in Maryland really. I’m told it’s more popular in other states such as Kentucky.

Hope this helped you guys out back home! Thanks for getting me out of the house! :)

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